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If you have reached this site through on of the names within it is likely that you or your ancestors share the names Cottle, Brett, Bunker or Paine just to name a few.  If so, you may be descendant of our Colonial forefathers, European Aristocracy or both.

Our Story

In April 2010 I received a letter from a family member I had never been told about.   In the letter she told me that she was a cousin of my father who had died almost forty years ago.   She went on to say that she had letters and photographs of my father, Alton Patton, and grandmother, Beatrice Cottle. After contacting her, my wife and I drove over one thousand miles to meet her and to talk about my father and to learn about a side of the family of which I knew very little.

Over a period of 30 years she traveled the country doing ancestral research in an effort to discover the roots of our family. What she had to tell me was interesting. My grandmother was the daughter of William Herbert Cottle, a man whose paternal ancestry dated back to Edward Cottle, one of the first settlers of Martha's Vineyard, around approximately 1650. That paternal line extends back almost a milleneum to Sir Robert de Cotel who accompanied William the Conqueror during the Norman invasion of England that started with the Battle of Hastings in 1066.  This was of special interest to me not only because my wife's family came from England, but for the fact that we have both traveled to the U.K. and enjoy the country and its people immensely.

The "bend gules" was the coat-of-arms
displayed by de Cotel and Cottle descendants.

During this research it was also discovered that the family also descends from Mayflower travelers John Alden, William, Alice and Priscilla Mullins .

This history of which I previously knew nothing, along with the effects of my father and grandmother was quite a gift. In the interim I have done additional research of my own and have located additional family that I was previously unaware of. That research was facilitated by those kind enough to post their family histories for others to see. The information posted on this is a compilation of that original research along with ancestral information made available by others. The sole intent is to aid others still, in their efforts to obtain their ancestry as well.


David Patton
Corvallis, Oregon

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William Herbert Cottle
My Great Grandfather
William Herbert Cottle

Sarah Jane Powell
My Great Grandmother
Sarah Jane Powell